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Cj's Hair Replacement Psychology - Which Synthetic Option?

So, you’re thinking of getting additional hair—whether for hair replacement, extensions, or whatever reason, and the big question is, which hair is right for you? It’s a big decision. One that you’ll have to live with, literally, every single moment of every day.

The Right Hair ReplacementMaybe Yyou’ll wake up with it, or fall asleep with it, and you’ll take it with you everywhere you go. Therefore, naturally, you want your perfect match you'll be happy to have representing you on an important date, the dinner with old friends, or ablack-tie event, not that embarrassing loss you’re constantly aware of. You want any additional hair to be on your head but not on your mind. You want your hair to be second nature, as in second only to your natural hair, and not by much. You need to find your hair companion, but unfortunately these days, that realization can take some time intenstive research.

The positive side about the hair replacement industry right now is that there are so many different types of hair. From synthetic hair to human hair, polyester hair to nylon hair, Cyberhair to euro hair, even to options like baby hair and yak hair, just to name a few. This upside of abundant hair options also plays the role of the downside. With so many options and no clear way to define what is a poor product and what is exceptional, those seeking a good answer are often left with guessing.

There are many things to take into consideration when defining your perfect hair partner. You want the new hair to match your existing hair as closely as possible. This means matching not only color, but also texture and style. Blonde wants blonde. Smooth and shiny hair can’t have thick and textured hair mixed in. It just won't work. Different ethnicities have different hair textures. This must be considered as well. Matching requires the use of your sense of sight, as well as your sense of touch. Look at the hair, feel the hair, and match it as closely as possible to the hair you currently have. Once you’ve found hair that looks, feels, and styles like your own, don’t stop there. Factor in your lifestyle and how you need the hair to perform and behave.

Say you’re a swimmer. Every morning you hit the pool and back-and-forth your way through your workout. You need hair that does as well in water as you do. What if you aren’t into the curling and teasing and styling of your own hair? You just can’t be bothered with it? Or perhaps you just aren’t able to? Then you need some easy-maintenance hair that basically styles itself. Lifestyle is a very important part of the equation.

Searching for New Hair Because there are so many different hair replacement brands and types of hair available, the best way to remove the unknowns is to visit a specialists who has knowledge of, and an inventory of, as many hair types as possible. You cannot be satisfied with “the best match of what we have in stock.” Your true hair-mate is out there, and you need the specialist matchmaker like CJ's Hair Technologies.

Settling on a less knowledgeable salon or clinic that just partners you with whatever hair happens to be in the back room, can be disastrous. You could end up with lesser-quality hair that fades quickly, loses its style, and lasts only three months. You could also end up with hair that doesn’t match your lifestyle, and then you’re stuck with it. These are the situations you must avoid. Through rain, sleet, snow, or even swimming pools, you want hair that will match up.

CJ's Hair Technologies is both distributor and design specialists. The more options you have, the better chance of a successful match to your own hair. CJ's Hair Technologies has specialists who will analyze your hair type, assess your lifestyle, and prescribe the best hair match from a huge selection of hair types. They even will have the most recent innovation in hair, Vital hair for example, which is lightweight, colorfast, durable, and can change styles, all while appearing very natural. Vital hair is the newest on the market, but still, it may or may not be right for you. That is best left up to the professionals.

All things considered, if you are the one looking for hair, with all the hair options out there, chances are there is one that is perfect for you. You just need to find it with the help of experts, and not to settle for second best or whatever’s on hand. Make sure you have a smorgasbord of hair types to choose from. It always makes for a more successful matching game. From technicians to end-users, finding the perfect hair match doesn’t have to be as complicated as it appears. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options; leverage them to your ultimate advantage.

CLICK HERE to review the PDF chart to distinguish synthetic hair choices.

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