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CyberHair® and General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Cyberhair®?
A. Cyberhair® is a new innovation spun from scientific technology. It has many desirable qualities: durability, uniformity, lightness, softness, body and lift, and memory retention. In all of these areas, Cyberhair® is equal or superior to other fibers and human hair while duplicating its texture to simulate your own hair.

Q. How much can I expect to pay for a hair replacement system?
A. The cost for a hair replacement system varies based on quality, type of hair, size and type of base, and the length of hair. This makes it impossible to quote an exact price without knowing the client's exact requirements. It is difficult to "shop around" for the best price because hair systems are not of equal quality from all companies. This makes it very difficult for the customer who wants to make sure they are getting the best price. It is always best to look for a company that stands behind the products that they sell. We offer guarantees on the quality of all our hair replacement systems. As well as, offer an appearance guarantee on Cyberhair® products.

Q. Are there any payment plans available?
A. There is a "no fee" layaway plan and financing available. Cyberhair® offers the extreme advantage plan, which gives the client a large discount for ordering multiple systems at the same time. We also have a popular "membership package" which works well for human hair systems that have a shorter lifespan. The program assures you always have a new system available. This comes in especially handy if a situation arises that requires immediate replacement

Q. How long can I expect my hair replacement system to last?
A. If you purchase a hair replacement system of good quality, the system at minimum should last one to two years (excluding the invisible skin graft bases, lace fronts, and certain other bases). If you take good care of the system and follow your technician's recommendation for the care of your system, you can expect longevity. Certain systems last longer than others. Systems with lace fronts, integrations, grafts, and thin skin bases will not last as long, but the benefit is their natural appearance. Cj's Hair Technologies can help you determine which option will best fit your needs.

Q. Are there any restrictions on activity?
A. No. There are absolutely no restrictions on activity. In fact, Cyberhair® will give you more freedom to enjoy life than you had before. Cyberhair® will re-introduce you to parts of your life you let go of when your hair began thinning.

Q. Is it okay to use blow dryers to style my hair with Cyberhair®?
A. Cool blow dryers can be used but are not necessary to maintain your style. You don't have to "fuss" with this hair. Go for a swim, take a shower and go out for the night... you don't have to do the whole style routine to look great.

Q. What type of shampoo and conditioner is needed to maintain Cyberhair®?
A. Your Certified Cyberhair® Technician will recommend an exclusive line of Cyberhair® C-Formula Products especially designed to keep your Cyberhair® healthy. It doesn't take much to keep Cyberhair® looking its best.

Q. Can I go to any Beauty Salon or Barber?
A. No. You should only use a Certified Cyberhair® Technician. There are Certified Cyberhair® Technicians all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Q. Can I perm, color, foil, or relax my hair with Cyberhair®?
A. Yes, you can. However, Cyberhair® has color and style memory. What you do to your own natural growing hair will be affected by these processes but your Cyberhair® will not be affected.

Q. Does exposure to the sun affect Cyberhair®?
A. No. Cyberhair® will not discolor or break when exposed to the sun.

Q. Will chlorinated water affect Cyberhair®?
A. No. Cyberhair® will not discolor or break even if you swim daily.

Q. Do I need a special brush or comb for styling my hair with Cyberhair®?
A. Your Certified Cyberhair® Technician will provide you with a special brush for all your needs and will recommend the proper the tools for the hairstyle you have chosen.

Q. Do I need to use special pillowcases and towels with Cyberhair®?
A. Special pillows and towels are not required, but to protect your investment, you can ask your Certified Cyberhair® Technician about the Satinique Pillowcase and Friction Free Towel which will increase the life of Cyberhair® as well as take stress off your hair.

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