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To look good is to feel good. Female pattern hair loss and thinning hair can be painful, devastating, and embarrassing. One in four women have it. Millions more women suffer female hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

At Cj's Hair Technologies, we have long realized that hair loss and hair replacement solutions for women are not the same as those for men.

Beauty is but one of many elements that comprise a woman's life, yet one of the most important by which she is judged. Hair is a large component of beauty. Hair restoration for women is ideal for women suffering from thinning hair, moderate to severe hair loss, the nervous glances and raised eyebrows of others are especially disconcerting. Cj's Hair Technologies in Vincennes, Indiana has designed exclusive methods of hair replacement and augmentation custom suited to a woman’s unique life-style.

Our women's hair restoration programs include the best human hair wigs and human hair wigs. You can enjoy trusted results from our female hair restoration programs, including the world-famous Cyberhair®, and other quality options are available. Please schedule to learn more!

Although it’s not real human hair, Cyberhair® looks, acts and feels like it. What makes it so unique is a special technique utilized during its manufacturing process. The innovative, patented technique (which was developed a few years ago in laboratories in Japan) produces a fiber texture, which is extremely close to that in human hair.

CyberHair can become a very natural part of you. It’s just like your own hair moving and blowing in the breeze. You can drive your convertible with its top down, you can swim in your pool, you can shower and shampoo, or sleep with it - because it has characteristics of human hair: it absorbs water, reflects light naturally, and is easy to handle. It is high tech hair that looks like strong, healthy hair, except for one thing - Cyberhair® may actually be better.

Because Cyberhair® is so much like your own hair, it will appear as though it's growing right from the scalp. It is lighter in weight, more colorfast, has better curl retention and durability than other types of hair (human or man-made). It has built in "style memory" that actually makes it easier to maintain than your own hair.

You can look younger by improving your hair, quickly, easily and very affordable, with a high tech Cyberhair® Replacement System from Cj's Hair Technologies in Vincennes, Indiana.

Cyberhair®'s rich natural hues have a radiance that gives you more confidence and choices. Go to a new level with resilient, intuitive hair. Join the thousands women worldwide who have restored not only their hair, but their self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Call the experts at Cj's Hair Technologies today to learn more about Cyberhair®. If seeing is believing, you will not only see, but you will feel the difference.

Cyberhair is the latest in hair system technology. Cyberhair is more than just another hair replacement system or wig. Cyberhair is the product of years of research and development. Cyberhair does not originate from a human hair follicle, it is synthetically created. Cyberhair actually has characteristics of human hair. In fact Cyberhair is proven better than nature itself. Cyberhair has higher levels of fade resistance than alternatives, even natural human hair. Further tests show that Cyberhair is 10% lighter than hair. Strength tests also put the Cyberhair is twice as strong as natural hair. Cyberhair is natural and safe for men and women with hair loss. Cyberhair’s unique quality of “style memory” makes it easier to style than your own hair. Cyberhair is more colorfast and has better curl retention. Cyberhair looks, acts and feels like your own natural hair. Cyberhair has excellent heat resistance. With Cyberhair you can sleep, shower and shampoo as your normally do. When you choose Cyberhair, have confidence that your look will be totally natural in appearance.

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