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Customer Photos and Testimonies

"I had to write and thank you for the hair replacement I received from you. I was a little skeptical at first and also very self-conscious. I had expected to receive comments from friends and acquaintances that would be more critical or joking. Instead, I have had nothing but positive remarks. I have been a hairstylist for 15 years and therefore the comments have been even more amusing to me. some have said, "Did you get a perm?", "You got your hair cut!", "I really like your new hair color, it looks great." The most exciting thing for me is for several years, my hair has been very thin and receding, so understandably, I did not receive too many compliments. Now I have people telling me they like my new look or my new haircut. The experience has been wonderful, nothing like I expected. I wish I had done this years ago. In closing, I would like to tell any person considering some type of hair replacement to take the first step and go for a consultation. You will not regret the boost to your self-esteem, looks (younger/thinner), and self confidence. P.S. My first time out in the public with my new look was at a dinner theater, and our table at times was right in the spotlight... My hair past the test! "— D. Neeley

"I have been wearing a hair system for over 30 years and was an immediate customer when Carolyn came to Indianapolis. My color and wave have been significant challenges for her through the years, all handled to my satisfaction. Carolyn's quality of service and the quality of the hair systems improve like fine wine! About 13 years ago, I moved over to Cyberhair. This is absolutely the greatest product available. Furthermore, CJ's Hair Technologies is the only one I would trust"
REG, Indianapolis, IN

"Having been in and out of the hospital for several months, my hair came out by the handfuls. Using the Hair Support system faithfully for 2 months, new hair is coming in fast in both the back and front. I will definitely use this system until my hair is completely restored and recommend it highly."
Juanita Barnhart, age 79, Retired Accountant Supervisor

"I purchased my hair replacement system from Cj's after searching for non surgical hair replacement, hair restoration products, hair loss treatments and solutions, including other search terms. Cj's had the best quality items I could find for a price that made sense. Carolyn guided me every step of the way! Now I look better than ever and every one tells me so!" — D. Stafford, Carmel, IN

"I had been a NewMan system wearer for several years. Carolyn help me graduate into Cyberhair, which was the best move ever. Cyberhair looks better, manages well and matches my natural hair color very well. I have been a constant wearer for 23 years now and can say without hesitation, Cj's Hair Technologies is absolutely the best." — S. R., Fishers, IN

Hi Carolyn! Please know how grateful I am for the incredible service extended to us when we were in Carmel. Your service is second to none and I have been to many of these companies. We really and truly feel that you and Sue went above and beyond any call to be of service to us. After a year of reading good things about your company, I am so happy and relieved to know that every word is true. Feel free to use this as our official testimonial." — L. Marsh

"How can I thank you? My cut-in yesterday exceeded my expectations just as I was promised. I have been wearing hair for almost ten years and this Cyber hair system far and away is the best I have ever seen or worn. I can't believe that I wore my old hair pieces for so long before changing. I didn't want to be disappointed or victimized again by another company. So I just stayed in denial. When saw myself in company photo for our Annual Meeting back in August I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. All of the sudden, I saw the silliness of what I was doing and I made an appointment that day. I feel like a new person. Thank you." — R. Michaels

"I used to be a bit of a skeptic. Your claim that Cyberhair could "make a positive improvement" to my life once sounded more like hype than meaningful prediction. Now, after wearing my new full system for almost a month, I'm thinking that you massively understated the effect Cyberhair would have on my emotional well being. This is incredible! For the first time in over ten years, I feel good about my appearance! Visiting your Carmel location was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Everyone treated me with enormous sensitivity and patience. Thanks to Carolyn, resident artistic genius, my cut-in was nothing short of miraculous." — I. Davidson. Indy, IN

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